Bucks County Courier Times reported that Christopher Frederici, a 41-year-old nurse’s assistant, is accused of raping a 93-year-old dementia patient at Silver Lake Nursing Home and Rehabilitative Center nursing home and threatening to kill a coworker if she reported him.  The coworker caught Frederici in the act of sexually assaulting the elderly woman on April 13.  But the employee did not report what she saw for several weeks after Frederici threatened to kill her, according to a probable cause affidavit. The woman waited until May 10 to report the incident to her nursing supervisor, police said.

The employee reportedly told police that she was assigned to care for the 93-year-old woman while working the 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift on the day of the assault.  She told police that during several of her checks on the woman she found Frederici in the room with the door open.  He was not assigned to help the woman that night.  He reportedly told her he was watching TV.  At about 9 p.m., she was in her bed with Frederici standing next to it and the privacy curtain was closed, the nurse’s assistant said in the affidavit.  During her final rounds for the day, the employee went to check on the elderly woman, but this time she found her door closed. When she entered the room and opened the privacy curtain, she saw Frederici engaged in a sex act with the resident.

After Frederici realized someone was in the room, he immediately moved away from the resident and pulled up his pants, police said. The “shocked and embarrassed” employee told police she then ran out of the room without confronting Frederici.  The employee subsequently spoke with Frederici, telling him what she saw and she made him promise never to do that again.  The female employee said Frederici promised he wouldn’t, but that she had already decided to report what she saw to her nursing supervisor.  But before she got that chance, Frederici allegedly confronted her, and made a threatening gesture by motioning the edge of his hand across his throat. So she didn’t say anything out of fear, police said. But over the next few weeks, the employee claimed that she was increasingly worried about the safety of the elderly woman, other residents as well as herself, so she finally reported the incident to her supervisor.

A Bristol Township detective then interviewed Frederici, who allegedly claimed that the elderly resident had kissed his stomach “because she loved it so much.”

Frederici is charged with rape of a mentally disabled person, indecent sexual assault of a person with a mental disability, and related sex crimes as well as felony witness intimidation.

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