Metrowest Daily News reported that two caregivers at Emeritus at Farm Pond were arrested on May 5, 2014 and charged with elder assault after police were informed of cell phone videos showing them abusing elders at the facility. The shocking part- they recorded the abuse themselves. Damaris Diaz, 18, admitted to police that she filmed herself abusing residents because she thought it was funny.

The police launched an investigation on April 20, 2014 after being alerted to the existence of the cell phone videos. The disturbing videos show Diaz assaulting a 78 year-old woman with Alzheimer’s, hitting her arms, pinching her nose, and flicking her ears. Another video found on her phone showed the woman partially nude. Yet another video showed her colleague, 25 year-old Samuel Ayekple, striking a 71 year-old man with Alzheimer’s in the face and on the buttocks.

Both employees posted $1,000 bail and pled not guilty after their arrest. Emeritus stated that they have also launched their own internal investigation.


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