The Newton Patch reported the Pennsylvania Attorney General has filed legal action against national for-profit chain Golden Living Centers, a nursing home company with 36 locations statewide, for failing to provide basic services to “elderly and vulnerable” residents.  Golden Gate National Senior Care LLC manages and operates Golden Living Centers which operates 300 locations nationwide in 22 states. The legal action asserts Golden Living violated the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law by deceiving consumers through its marketing practices.

AG Kathleen G. Kane says residents at Golden Living Centers were left in soiled diapers for extended periods of time, were at risk for bedsores and were not routinely bathed, were often not escorted to meals as required, sometimes missed meals entirely and staff falsified records.  “The company advertised it would keep its residents clean and comfortable while providing food and water at any time. But its facilities were understaffed, leaving residents thirsty, hungry, dirty, unkempt and sometimes unable to summon anyone to help meet their most basic needs, such as going to the bathroom,” the legal action asserts.

Kane said the company preyed on the most vulnerable to make a profit. “These facilities promised to provide the care needed by residents and then failed to meet residents’ most basic human needs. That is simply unacceptable,” she said.

Interviews with residents’ family members and former certified nursing assistants who worked at Golden Living facilities revealed a widespread pattern of understaffing and omitted care. Those allegations include the following:

  • Continent residents left in diapers because they were unable to obtain assistance going to the bathroom.
  • Incontinent residents left in soiled diapers, in their own feces or urine, for extended periods of time.
  • Residents at risk for bedsores from not being turned every two hours as required.
  • Residents not receiving range of motion exercises.
  • Residents not receiving showers or other hygiene services as required.
  • Residents being woken at 5 a.m. or earlier to be washed and dressed for the day.
  • Residents not being timely dressed in order to attend their meals.
  • Residents not being escorted to the dining hall and sometimes missing meals entirely.
  • Long waits for responses to call bells or no responses at all.Staff, under the direction of management or fear of management, falsifying records to indicate residents received services when in fact they did not.
  • Improved staffing when state inspections occurred, leading to deceit about the true conditions at the facility.


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