WLOS reported that a family has filed a complaint of elder abuse against staff at Blue Ridge Retirement Center in Hendersonville.  Vietnam veteran Robert Barnwell has been a resident at the facility for years.  Barnwell’s son William said he filed a formal complaint with Hendersonville Police, after his father called him and asked to be taken to the hospital. William says when he arrived to pick his father up, the Army veteran had big knots from rheumatoid arthritis on either side of his neck that staff had apparently failed to notice or treat.  His father says his medicines are always delivered late, several staff members verbally abuse residents, and the manager of the center has refused to take him to the VA Medical Center for treatment, telling him it’s too far away.

The latest DHHS inspection of the nursing home from last spring reveals that multiple residents told investigatiors that staff were verbally abusive. Patients reported that two specific staff members repeatedly said things that made them feel hurt, embarassed or insulted.

The Barnwell family says they are considering hiring a lawyer and taking legal action against the nursing home.

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