The StarTribune reported that a resident of Evergreen Terrace was neglected causing significant injuries.  The resident stumbled and broke a leg while being improperly lifted out of bed, then was left in the dining room for lunch without medical personnel being notified, according to a state investigation. The injury to the resident at Evergreen Terrace is being attributed to an aide who helped the resident by herself and did not heed requirements that two attendants and a mechanical lift be used when moving the resident from bed.  The resident died about two weeks later.

An aide “failed to follow the resident’s care plan,” according to details of the Health Department investigation.  The staff member explained that she “felt rushed” while assisting the resident to the dining room, the report said.  Most likely, the facility was short-staffed placing pressure on staff to attempt to get their custodial responsibilities completed in a short period of time.

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