Weeping relatives of a mute 64-year-old woman sexually abused by a male aide at a Bronx nursing home labeled the creep as subhuman as he was sentenced last month to six months behind bars.  “He’s an animal. He preyed on my mother, knowing that she couldn’t do anything about it,” the victim’s 37-year-old son said about Nanic Aidasani.  The 42-year-old sicko pounced on the unwitting victim as she lay on her bed at the Marble Hill facility.  A fellow worker had discovered the nursing assistant on top of the woman, who has dementia and can’t speak because of a stroke.

Aidasani, an aide at the 200-bed Manhattanville Health Center, pleaded guilty in February to abusing the woman in 2014.  Aidasani originally faced four years on an attempted rape charge, but took a plea deal for onlysix months behind bars and five years’ probation.  As part of the sentence, Aidasani handed over his nursing license, and was labeled a Level Two sex offender — a distinction that will stay with him forever.


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