The Star Tribune reported that a severely disabled resident at Walker Methodist Health Center in Minneapolis was sexually assaulted last December by an employee who had entered the resident’s room at night, according to a state investigation.  A witness reported seeing the alleged assailant moving back and forth in a “thrusting motion” about four times, while the resident was on the bed with bare legs exposed. The witness noticed that the resident’s incontinence product was open on the bed during the assault, indicating that the victim’s undergarments were open.

After being discovered, the alleged assailant “quickly moved back from the resident, placed the resident’s legs back on the bed and replaced the incontinence product.” The witness immediately contacted the night supervisor who removed the alleged assailant from the floor.  Police were called and the alleged assailant was taken to jail and charged with sexual assault, according to the state report.

The Minnesota Department of Health, which investigates reports of maltreatment at nursing homes, cited the individual employee for abuse, but not Walker Methodist.   Reports of abuse and neglect at Minnesota nursing homes have soared over the past four years. The state received 553 maltreatment reports in the 2013 fiscal year, up from 283 in 2010, according to state data.


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