ABC7 reported that David Moreno, former maintenance worker for Yorba Linda assisted living senior homes, was charged and sentenced for sexually violating a 69 year old disabled woman. Prosecutors state that Moreno committed the acts from June 1st to July 24 2012, and, took advantage of the woman’s dementia and sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions.  The atrocities of Moreno’s acts were not known until the woman had the courage to tell a close friend what had happened to her.  Traces of Moreno’s DNA were discovered throughout the victim’s room. The charges of his deviant conduct includes 2 felony charges; one for sexual battery of an institutionalized victim and the other is for sexual penetration by foreign object of an incompetent victim.

Moreno’s sentence includes only a three year stint at a California state prison as well as having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  After his release from prison, Moreno will be barred from entering local recreational areas as well as city parks.  Hopefully with Moreno’s lifetime sex offender registration status, companies, corporations, and small businesses may be forewarned of the sexually deviant nature that Moreno exhibits towards individuals, particularly those that are already in a vulnerable position.

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