KLTV had an article on Texas lawmaker Charles Schwertner who is pressing lawmakers to enact a more stringent policy towards nursing homes with established violations of abuse and neglect. Senator Schwertner has proposed legislation that, if enacted, would require the state to revoke licenses of nursing homes that have chronically presented high level deficiencies to the state.

During a Sunset Advisory Commission hearing, the senator listed out seven nursing home facilities within Texas that had a surplus of violations during their duration of service.  One of the nursing homes within the senator’s jurisdiction, Eastwood Care and Rehab, located in Tyler in East Texas, acts as a focal point for how necessary and vital legislative reform can be.  Eastwood recently lost its federal funding and was subject to license revocation after numerous violations were discovered within the facility.  After finding over 70 separate violations from a singular inspection, the former owners of Eastwood Care and Rehab were removed from their positions, and a new company took over the facility.

Senator Schwertner wants to see a better system of enforcement within the nursing home industry.  One of his proposals includes a “three strike plan” in which a facilities’ license would be revoked if three or more high level deficiencies were reported within a two year period.  Additionally, Senator Schwertner emphasizes that the rules, regulations, and policies of the nursing home mandates are too vague and need to be more detail oriented in order to combat the substandard living conditions that are present in some facilities.  Although the proposition has not been formally made into law, the Texas delegation are expected to wrestle with Schwertner’s plan in 2015.

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