WINK News reported an exclusive with widow Frances Bernard who spent the holidays alone after her husband was forgotten for hours in the sweltering heat at a local assisted living center. He later died.  “His legs were so badly burned the hole side of him was badly burned” said Bernard.  Frances Bernard  was on her way to visit her husband that day when she got the devastating news. “When ever I saw him I was heart broken. They were pounding on his chest trying to revive him.”

Back in August, Collier County deputies said staff members at the Aristocrat left 90 year old Robert Bernard outside for 3 hours. He went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital where he died. Robert was a World War II veteran, who received a purple heart, while serving in Germany a grenade went off injuring him.  Frances hopes what happened to her husband of 66 years never happens to another family.


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