A recent study conducted by the Center for Medicare Advocacy, a nonprofit consumer group, found that surveyors often have difficulty in challenging doctors who frequently prescribe antipsychotic drugs to dementia patients. Nursing home facilities often advocate prescribing these types of drugs to keep elderly residents in a sedative, and often times, a vegative state.

Because of such abuses in these types of drugs, the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services set up a program in 2012 to attempt to prevent doctors prescribing antipsychotics to nursing home residents.  Since the launching of this initiative, state surveyors have had mixed reviews on its effectiveness.

Often, nursing home facilities are found falsifying records and forcing residents to take drugs that are inappropriate. Doctors who are responsible for the care of these residents now create false diagnoses in attempts to justify the prescribing of these drugs. An elderly person who is prescribed antipsychotic drugs without reason can lead to dangerous changes in their health. This includes: choking, heart attacks, falls, bone fractures, infections, and pneumonia.  See article at The Patriot Ledger.

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