After a 6 week jury trial, the jury compensated the family of a female resident $13.2 million after she was neglected resulting in painful pressure ulcers that caused her death.  The case involved Mary Dwyer, who was admitted to the Alaris Health at Harborview facility in Jersey City for short-term rehabilitation after falling at home and dislocating a shoulder.  Over the course of about three months, the 87-year-old Dwyer developed large Stage IV ulcers, lost 20 pounds, underwent nine wound debridements, two bone shavings and a colostomy — conditions and treatments that  were “unnecessary and preventable.” She died on Feb. 27, 2010. Hundreds of Haborview workers went on strike for three days in 2010 to protest low wages and short staffing. The 180-bed, for-profit facility vigorously denied the charges and refused to accept responsibility.

“With adequate staffing and a properly run facility she would have completed her rehab and gone back home,” reads a statement from her attorneys at Stark & Stark. “Instead, she died an undignified death in pain.



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