The Daily Mirror reported on the horrific but common problem of elderly starvation in long term care facilities.  The article talked to a nursing home assistant who watched residents waste away in front of her because of lack of nutrition and hydration.  The nursing home worker has spoken of witnessing first hand how malnutrition is a major problem in the care of the elderly in nursing and residential homes. The worker claims she has raised her feeding concerns for residents with management but her appeals have fallen on deaf ears. “I’ve raised this with management and nothing’s done about it. It’s being brushed under the carpet,” she alleged.

Several people are known to have died of hunger in Northern Ireland hospitals between 2008 and 2012.  The shaming statistics have sparked growing calls for Health Minister Edwin Poots to take action.  “Staff are constantly raising this as an issue internally and externally but they are not being listened to,” he claimed.


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