A nursing home in Iowa was only fined $2,150 while mismanaging the care of a registered sex offender and placing the community of residents at risk.  Facilities should put in place measures to protect the safety of innocent residents and their visitors.

The 80 year old man was supposed to be closely monitored. The staff was under orders to check on him every half hour at least.  When he was stopped from approaching a young boy who was there to visit, the facility should have doubled down on precautions. Instead, since they were fined for not adhering to their plan, they just changed the plan, eliminating the precautions, so that they wouldn’t be violating it by failing to monitor the sexual predator.

Unsurprisingly, his behavior did not stop. He was found in bed with another resident. This time the facility decided to change his room and restart the twice an hour checks. When a state inspector came by however, the new room was adjacent to his alleged victim’s. The director of nursing even admitted that he had made several attempts to enter it. A better solution may be needed to separate the sheep from the wolves, and keep sex offenders and violent criminals away from the vulnerable populations inside long-term care facilities.

Until then, facilities must make do with the tools available to keep everyone safe. This facility obviously failed that test, and jeopardized the well-being of their residents by giving this known sex offender access to his victims and failing to properly monitor and restrain him.  See article at Newton Daily.

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