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There are a lot of assisted living facilities that caters for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. They claimed to have the best trained medical staffs and state-of-the-art facilities, but there is a difference in having skilled professionals in nursing homes compared to non-skilled staffs in assisted living facilities. Most nursing homes have top security measures for the safety of their residents and staffs. As for these assisted living facilities, there is a list of issues that needs to be raised as it involves the security and safety of the elderly residents.

Primary issues with assisted living facilities especially involving elder care with dementia
• Facility entrance and exit doors
• Sign-in registry for visitors
• Surveillance and monitoring measures
• Properly marked hallways
• Accessibility in the facility for the residents
• Staff to patient ratio

Facility entrance and exit doors
We all know that dementia patients are likely to wander off and get lost, which will lead to their injury and in some cases, death. This is really a big concern for most facilities.

Strict visitor registry
There needs to be a strict compliance when visitors come to visit their loved ones. Protecting the well-being of the residents should be taken seriously because the elderly are vulnerable to outsiders that have bad intentions.

Facility’s surveillance and monitoring measures
Knowing the capability of the patients to wander off and get lost, there should be proper measures to track them. Installing GPRS trackers in their residents’ bracelets should be imposed and an alarm system should also be installed in every doors and windows.

Hallways, walkways and rooms should have clear signs installed
For hallways and walkways should have a clear and clearly lit signage for the elderly residents to see. It is highly recommended that they are not written signs but as diagrams.

Accessibility around the facilities
It is easy for residents to wander around and get lost within the facility and might end up in areas that they are not supposed to go and end up in dead ends that will cause them to get more confused. Having a circular layout for facilities would be ideal for every assisted living facility.

Staff to patient ratio
Facilities should have one staff for every patient because elders suffering from dementia requires a 24/7 watch.

Before placing your loved ones (especially with dementia) in an assisted living facility, make sure that the facility have all the necessary security measures keep them safe and secure.

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