The Hartford Courant reported fines issued to 4 different nursing homes in Connecticut in connection with several incidents that included a resident drug overdose and two residents suffering broken bones.

Cambridge Manor of Fairfield was fined $1,380 on July 31, in connection with two incidents at the home.  One was for a resident who was admitted to a hospital as unresponsive and suffering an overdose of morphine and thyroid medicine by mistake.  The second incident, on July 12, a resident was left unattended in a wheelchair in the lobby,and was found on Easton Turnpike.

The Greenwich Woods Health Care Center in Greenwich was fined $1,300 for incidents involving three residents, including a case on March 4, in which a nurse found a resident with a bruised and swollen arm. X-rays found a broken arm that occurred when nursing home staff were lifting or repositioning the resident.

On June 28, staff members discovered that a Greenwich Woods resident had fallen when an aide had left the person alone in a bathroom. Two days later, when the resident complained of chest pain, it was determined at a hospital that the resident had multiple rib fractures.

DPH also fined the Rosegarden Health & Rehabilitation Center of Waterbury $1,860 on July 22, in connection with the hospitalization of a resident whose had been given the wrong intravenous fluid on Nov. 12, 2012 after a nurse said she had a busy night and did not recognize that the wrong solution was used.

In another citation, DPH fined Regency Heights of New Britain $1,020 in connection with the verbal abuse of a resident by a nurse’s aide in March.


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