In an article from the Charleston Regional Business Journal, South Carolina’s medical disciplinary actions are compared with the rest of the nation. The Journal finds that SC’s disciplinary actions for medical professionals are the lowest in the nation.  SC has been the most lenient on disciplinary actions for medical professionals.  Whatever the reason, the fact remains that SC is the easiest state on medical professionals who have committed serious offenses requiring disciplinary action. Sometimes, less isn’t always more. Sometimes it’s just less, and it’s unsatisfying and unjust. Below is a good example of why the system needs to change.

Dr. Steven A. Matzinger first started using cocaine in 2006. From then on, he continued to use the drug until 2007 when he checked himself into rehab. He continued to see patients throughout his drug use, and he even saw patients during his stint at rehab.  Dr. Matzinger had several malpractice lawsuits brought against him from procedures during this time. He was also accused in a harassment case with a former employee.

The SC Board of Medical Examiners investigated Dr. Matzinger. They found out about his cocaine use and the multiple medical malpractice lawsuits. The Board gave him a fine of only $5,000, required him to stay in a program for recovering professionals, and suspended his license. However, the Board stayed the suspension when he paid the fine and administrative costs. Dr. Matzinger now works in Myrtle Beach, where he has been the recipient of another medical malpractice lawsuit.

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