Everyone at some point has heard about mercy killings or angels of death, where medical professionals euthanize someone in an attempt to “ease their pain and suffering”. The most well known example is probably Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who assisted in the suicide of multiple patients, which eventually earned him a jail sentence.

In the Spanish town of Olot, near the border of France, Joan Vila, admitted to killing 11 residents in 2009 and 2010 at the nursing home where he worked, The Washington Post reports. He claimed that it was to ease their pain and suffering. How did he ease their pain and suffering? By forcing them to drink bleach, and other toxic liquids. His lawyers say that he is mentally ill and are asking for 20 years probation. The prosecutors are seeking a 194 year sentence, arguing that the man’s crimes were not committed with the intent of giving mercy at all.

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