A $1.6 million proposed settlement between the families and South Carolina is reported by Go Upstate to be in its final stages, requiring approval by a Circuit Court judge to be completed. The settlement would be split among the dozens of families of the children hurt or killed in the incident.  While the settlement is more than the arbitrary statutory limit of $600,000 that applies to anyone else hurt or killed by an employee of State government.  SC’s Tort Claims Act limits the amount of money that the state is liable for to $300,000 per person.

The proposed settlement won’t even cover the cost of medical bills for the families; one family’s medical bills total $1 million.  Along with the settlement, the train ride at Cleveland Park was decommissioned and a state inspector was fired after it was discovered that he falsified the Park’s records in an investigation two days before the incident.  A fraction of $1.6 million will not bring back the children to the healthy days before the incident, but hopefully, it will allow them some sense of peace and closure.

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