Blossom South Nursing Home has been under scrutiny for the past two years because two senior nurses were falsifying records. The NY State Health Dept. performed a surprise inspection on the home and the records were easily discovered.  Following the inspection, a complaint was issued by someone at the home, which resulted in the two year audit that uncovered additional fraudulent records.

The two nurses went back and falsified medication reports to make it look as though residents had been getting the proper medication. Because of their tampering, the home and authorities now have no idea which patients got the right medication, if any. Authorities have no way of knowing how far back the records were falsified either. The two nurses falsified the records using other nurses’ initials. One of the nurses, Cynthia Beckhorn, claims that she did what she did because she was facing pressure from the home’s owner about the poorly documented medication records.

Authorities say that the home’s owner has not at this time been implicated. The home released a statement saying that whether or not the previous owner was involved in the fraud, the home has come under new management after the inspection.

See article at WHEC.

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