Bakersfield Now reports that the a family did not hear about the death of their mother Mary Newsom until three days after the matter, while she was in the care of Corinthian Gardens Nursing Home. Corinthian Gardens cites lack of contact information as the reason for this lag in communication, despite Castilleja being down as the emergency contact. Other sources from the facility say that they attempted to contact Castilleja’s sister that Newsom was in the ICU, but the family denies any contact either time.

The real issue at hand here is the apparent lack of communication with family members who trust the care of their loved ones to nursing home facilities such as Corinthian Gardens. The lag in communication is inexcusable and speaks to the poor training and management of the facilities that are required to have up to date contact information for emergency contacts and family members.

It is necessary for facilities such as this to keep open lines of communication so families know the conditions of their loved ones and can further trust the care of them. The Castilleja family also notes that the care for their mother was sub-par, including the fact that she lost seventy-five pounds and was covered in bed sores while in the care of Corinthian Gardens.

This gross neglect of care for 86-year-old Newsom, speaks to the standards of nursing home facilities and the actions as business rather than care facilities. It is important for nursing home facilities to acknowledge their primary responsibility as a care facility and as a business secondary to prevent tragedies like this from happening again

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