The Florida Times Union reported that Florida’s Republican Tea Party Governor Rick Scott will cut Medicaid.  Nursing home industry and patient advocates agree that the cuts will harm nursing home residents.  Scott’s plan includes Medicaid rate cuts of $429 million as part of a budget-cutting exercise. Though state economists’ early projections show a $71 million budget surplus going into 2013-14, Scott required all state agencies to submit an initial budget plan that would cut spending by 5 percent.

“More than 60 percent of that cut — $274 million — would be shouldered by nursing homes under the proposal presented this week by the Agency for Health Care Administration.”  This will clearly affect staffing and the care of the residents.


“Two-thirds of my costs are people,” said Marty Goetz, CEO of River Garden Hebrew Home in Jacksonville. “If that level of cut happens, I will have to reduce staff, salaries or hours.”



“During the spring legislative session, lawmakers cut $38 million from nursing homes, and $49 million for hospital outpatient services. The latter would see another $119.4 million reduction as part of the agency’s proposal.”


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