In an article from The Washington Post, there was discussion of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s plans to cut funds for Medicaid, thereby leaving families to pay immense costs for nursing home care.  The article analyses claims that Romney raised nursing home charges eight times while he was the governor of Massachusetts.  He also instigated “a daily tax of under $10 a day on beds not covered by Medicare.  The presence of vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan does not help.  Ryan wrote the House GOP budget, part of which included limiting “federal contributions toward Medicaid.”   Mitt Romney stated that he supported Ryan’s plan.

It is estimated that the Romney-Ryan proposed grant system would make it impossible for 26 million people to be a part of the Medicaid program. It would also place a greater burden on the elderly who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of Medicaid. The plan would adversely affect seniors in nursing homes.


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