In a shocking story by the WABC News, it was reported that the family of a deceased nun had finally received a large settlement from those responsible for her death.  A 90 year old nun was crushed by a falling cabinet in her nursing home and subsequently killed. The nursing home, located in Rockland County, told the family of Sister Mary Murray that it was merely an accident, and they innocently believed this fabrication.  However, there were two other cases of residents at this same nursing home also being critically injured by falling cabinets.

An investigation revealed that the newly-installed cabinet had not been secured correctly before it fell on Sister Mary, but all of them were indeed secured afterwards.  Attorney Kenneth Pryor, hired by the Murrays, discovered that the cabinet makers had had a warning label instructing all “installers to ‘securely attach’ the cabinets to the wall with ‘anchoring devices’” deliberately removed from 360 cabinets. They did this while knowing full well that those cabinets would eventually fall without the anchoring devices. The Murrays succeeded in obtaining nearly one million dollars from both the cabinet makers and Rockland County.

Asked why it took a death before the cabinets were finally bolted down, the nursing home administrator stated that he was unable to answer that question.  It is to be hoped that both the county and the nursing home have learned their lesson from this very tragic event.

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