WHBF had an article on the quality of CNA staffing at nursing homes.  “Many home aides who care for the elderly in the United States have no training and don’t undergo stringent background checks or drug tests, a new study finds. In some cases, the caregivers get no supervision from the agencies that hire and place them.”

Dr. Lee Lindquist, an associate professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine was the lead author of the study. Her study looked at the qualifications of caregivers who visit the homes of the elderly to assist with daily activities such as dressing and meal preparation. They are expected to help with nutrition assistance, housekeeping, and scheduling medical appointments.  CNAs perform 90-95% of the direct care to residents of nursing homes.

Without adequate quality control measures, the frail elderly may be vulnerable to abuse, fraud or neglect according to the study published in the July 13 issue of the Journal of American Geriatrics Society.  According to background information in the study, the typical aide is a recent female immigrant, earning $7.25 an hour on average or, for live-in help, $5.44 an hour.


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