John Christopher Fine served as senior assistant district attorney in New York County, director of the Organized Crime Task Force, and special counsel to a U.S. Senate investigating committee.  He served as special counsel to the U.S. Senate Aging Committee and investigated fraud and abuse in public assistance programs.  He recently published an article in The Epoch Times on the widespread waste, fraud, and corruption in the nursing home industry.

"Our undercover operations proved that not only was the medical care poor but government programs were being ripped off by unscrupulous providers. When it came to nursing homes, only one, in all we investigated, delivered appropriate care."

"On some occasions when I visited nursing homes and assisted living facilities I was appalled at the lackadaisical attitude of staff. Taking care of long-term nursing home patients is a difficult occupation. Doctors come and go. Many are prejudiced against the elderly."

"Too many physicians chalk sick and elderly off as being near death and thus unworthy of their time and devotion. They spend seconds with a patient, often only the minimum to be able to bill that patient’s insurance provider or Medicare."

"Licensed nursing staff is limited and rotates. The dirty work is left to immigrant labor. They take minimum wage jobs, have limited skills, and no interest in the patients themselves."

"Incidents of abuse and neglect are rampant in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. One chain in New York was owned by the same person. Of all things he was a Rabbi. He was a villain. His nursing homes were filthy, the patients’ care poor, and the fraud perpetrated criminal. Some of his nursing homes even continued to bill government programs for patients long after they died."

"Abuse is rarely if ever detected. A patient can fall, slip, an intravenous drip can go wrong. Many are old and their memories cannot be depended on to relate what has happened to them. Some suffer various forms of dementia making their care even more difficult." 

 Be sure that aides see you and understand your relationship with the patient. Let them see that you are and will be on top of the care given. No matter the facility a patient’s advocate is the best way to insure honest and competent treatment in any nursing home or assisted living facility. Good ones welcome it



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