The Hartford Courant had an article on South Windsor nursing home.  The nursing home was mismanaged and now is in financial trouble.  Often when a nursing home is mismanaged or to increase profits, the operator cuts the raw food budget, dietary supplements, and staffing leading to poor nutrition and weight loss.  Adequate staffing is needed to help assist residents with eating and to provide dietary supplements.  Often these "shortcuts" save money but cause complications.  Investigators found two residents with significant weight loss at South Windsor.

State health inspectors examined treatment records for a patient at the South Windsor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center who had dwindled to 121 pounds from 139 pounds over several months.  There was no indication that any dieticians, nurses or doctors intervened to stop the weight loss.  The notes and reports reflect the 11 percent drop in weight, and suggest the cause may have been the discontinuation of a dietary supplement.   More than 10% is significant and leads to malnutrition, pressure ulcers, falls, infections, and death.  A second patient dropped 22 pounds from July to September. After inspectors inquired, a dietician recommended that the patient be examined for dehydration.

The state Department of Public Health only fined the facility $865. The maximum fine for this category of violation is ridiculously low at $3,000.  The facility was placed in bankruptcy receivership early this year. Money problems had overtaken the parent company, Connecticut Health of South Windsor, in 2010.


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