Federal authorities in New York City charged 12 people — including several doctors — with scheming to submit more than $95 million in false Medicare claims. The 12 were charged with participating in Medicare fraud and money-laundering offenses.  In addition to three medical doctors, they include a chiropractor and a doctor of osteopathy.

As part of the scheme, prosecutors said three Brooklyn health clinics paid kickbacks to Medicare beneficiaries and used the beneficiaries’ names to bill Medicare for $71 million worth of services that were never provided.  Money laundering "is a critical part of large scale health care fraud schemes and often the most difficult piece to unravel."  U.S attorney stated.

A second, related indictment charges that six defendants recruited Medicare beneficiaries to their Queens clinic by offering lunches and dancing classes in exchange for their Medicare numbers, which would be billed for medical services that they did not need and never received.

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