Christine Seivers works with, where she just published a post entitled, “Top 9 Health Care Systems in the World” Considering this overlap in subject matter with our blog, we thought we would share the article with our readers.

"There has been much debate in recent years about whether health care is a privilege or right. While securing coverage for every U.S. citizen has been a priority for years, people often overlook the overall quality — or lack thereof — of our health care system."

Many of the countries listed have universal coverage for all citizens and they spend less than Americans do on health care but get better results.  The L.A. Times recently reported that the U.S. healthcare system is lagging further and further behind other industrialized countries on major measures of quality, efficiency and access to care, according to a new report from the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund, a leading health policy foundation.  Americans die far more frequently than their counterparts in other countries as a result of preventable or treatable conditions, such as bacterial infections, screenable cancers, diabetes and complications from surgery.



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