I have been following KZTV10’s reporting on the tragic abuse and neglect at Affordable Quality Care (Flour Bluff) in Corpus Christi.  The story and reporting is amazing.  The facility was shut down after credible evidence of physical and verbal abuse was found. Investigators found a situation that posed an immediate danger to residents.

The Affordable Quality Care Center had been investigated more than 20 times over the past five years. The facility has also received citations for being verbally and mentally abusive. The owner of the center is accused of calling residents things like liars, thieves and stupid. She also reportedly told patients their spouses are dead.

State documents include interview notes from staff and clients accusing Griffin of getting angry with patients when they soiled themselves– yelling at them in front of others.

The adult day care, Adult Loving Care, operated by the same group as Affordable Quality Care was not shut down and is still operating on the property.

Najmeh Nouri Griffin, owner of the center told us she didn’t know why they were being shut down. However, the State released a 42-page report of substantial evidence of why the faciliy was closed.

The report claims Griffin "…abused residents through physical abuse, verbal abuse, intimidation and humiliation."  The state also accuses Griffin of some startling punishments for patients in her care including making "[two patients] wear dirty diapers around [their] necks." And, forcing another resident "to clean up his own feces."




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