The Toronto Star reported the arrest of a nurse at a long-term care facility for sexual assault after a 70-year-old female resident complained and another nurse corroborated the abuse.  Charged is Leonid Kozlov.  He is an employee who has worked as a registered practical nurse at the facility for the past five years.


The St. Louis Today reported that a nursing home employee in Normandy has been accused of raping an elderly resident. Santonio McCoy is charged with forcible rape.  He is accused of attacking a woman at the nursing home. McCoy had worked at the nursing home for about a year. The sexual attack was finally stopped when three workers at the home walked by.


Meanwhile in Philadelphia, a hidden camera caught 12 minutes of video showing a frail and vulnerable dementia patient at Quadrangle Sunrise Senior Living in Haverford standing naked while employees taunted and mocked her.  All three women, who were care managers, are accused of mocking and abusing a 78-year-old woman in her private room at the facility.

"Why do they keep picking on me?" Lois McCallister asked her family, who installed the hidden camera.

Employee Samirah Traynham was charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, harassment, and neglect of a care-dependent person.   Ayesha Muhammad was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal conspiracy, harassment, neglect of care-dependent person and reckless endangerment. Tyina Griffin was also arrested. See article at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Traynham, Griffin and Muhammad ganged up on the elderly woman, taunting and mocking her as she stood without clothes from the waist up, trying to cover her breasts. Traynham was also physically abusive, authorities allege.

Muhammad admitted she and her co-defendants “did laugh and mock” the woman “as she struggled to hear and communicate due to her physical and mental condition.” She added that Griffin allegedly danced and “shadow boxed” in an attempt to play with the visibly upset woman, and that they restricted the woman from leaving her room on multiple occasions. Muhammad denied any physical abuse but she admitted that the woman was “upset and frustrated” during the incident.


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