Tulsa World and NewsOK had articles about the former nurse who has come forward to expose the abuse and neglect at Woodland View Care and Rehabilitation in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The company cut corners on patient care – even running out of feeding tube formula for one patient – and that the company should cease operating in Oklahoma.  State inspectors cited Woodland View for more than 40 violations over the past year, including six that placed residents’ lives in immediate jeopardy, records show.  Violations included failure to protect residents from abuse, failure to provide pain medications and other treatments as ordered, failure to adequately treat bed sores, failure to provide sufficient staffing and failure to provide supervision to prevent accidents.

"They cut corners every chance they get … It’s ridiculous for a billion-dollar, nationwide company," said Latricia Hamblin, a licensed practical nurse who worked for seven years at the facilty. The nursing home’s publicly traded parent company, Sun Healthcare Group Inc., operates more than 200 facilities nationwide and reported nearly $2 billion in revenue last year.

Woodland refuses to acknowledge errors and accept responsibility.  Instead, they filed a lawsuit and allege that the inspectors inserted documents into a patient’s file, essentially accusing a state employee of trying to frame the nursing home.

Hamblin now works at another nursing home and left Woodland View after she became concerned she was jeopardizing her nursing license by staying. She said the facility was so short of staff that she was not able to get medicine distributed to patients within the required time frame.  Woodland View once ran out of feeding tube formula for a patient, and administrators didn’t place an order for the correct formula for several days.  The report also states that "pain medicines run out and (are) not being re-ordered so residents aren’t getting meds for pain days at a time … Residents stated the nursing staff was good but were overworked, overwhelmed and did three people’s jobs and did not get breaks."

Sun Healthcare Group has a history of problem including pleading no contest in California to a felony elder abuse charge when two residents died and six became ill at one of its homes during a heat wave. In 2005, California fined Sun $2.5 million after the state said the company violated a court order requiring it to improve quality of care at its homes.


One Thought on “Cutting Corners Causes Negligence

  1. Wow, Sun has been under staffing for a profit since 2000 even with a calif state injunction! We pleaded with them for help in my mother’s care, even their Medical Director pleaded with them. There was a constant lack of basic care amounting to elder abuse that the Dept of Health, Dept of Justice and even the local police ignored in Newport Beach, California where two CEO’s of Sun own Ocean front properties bought with the profits off slumlording in the same city!

    Judge Gregory W Jones said “Rick Matrs is the dangerous one, he killed her mother, she proved it, certainly she can state it. He IS a slumlord. Freedom of speech, protected speech and peaceful protest. She should sue him for malicious prosecution”.

    I’ve asked the OC District Attorney and Grand Jury to indict Richard K Matros for crimes against me.

    Deb Calvert, Newport Beach, California

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