The Niagra Gazette reported details into a recent investigation of abuse at Northgate Health Care Facility.  Two employees “joined in humiliating, distressing and violating the dignity” of residents, according to state Department of Health documents.  One nursing assistant placed two elderly residents in the same bed while another nurse made sexual comments, apparently seeking to spur inappropriate interaction, and taking pictures.

CNA Alicia Clemens took cell phone camera pictures of the two elderly and impaired clients after she and another employee, Gloria Maxwell, placed them in the same bed together during their shift.  Clemens and Maxwell attempted to convince the pair they were husband and wife while the resident’s real wife watched. The male resident is legally blind and suffering from dementia. The man, who is described in documents as occasionally prone to sexually inappropriate behavior, was coerced to touch the woman’s shoulder despite her protestations, the papers continue.

Other employees who witnessed the incident failed to stop or immediately report it.  Some were fined $500.  That’s it.  None of the employees involved face criminal prosecution.

Nothing in the documents indicated the facility itself or the McGuire Group, the corporation that owned it at the time of the incident, was punished in the wake of the investigation’s findings.

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  1. This is sad news for the victims at Northgate Health Care Facility. The perpetrators, and other employees present at the scene, should face legal charges for letting this happen to the victims.

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