The Sun Sentinel reported the jury verdict against Renova Health Center, and its parent company, Universal Health Management.  Plaintiff Mary Stewart was compensated $1.3 million for damages related to her left foot being amputated after an 18-day stay at Renova where her foot became infested with maggots.

Stewart said life in the nursing home in October 2004 wasn’t pleasant.  Stewart felt pain from the stitches and staples used to heal her wounds, but didn’t suspect that something was wrong until it was too late.  She trusted the nurses to do their job. She noted that nurses didn’t check on her every day or give her medication.

"I just figured that’s how they were," Stewart said. "I didn’t complain because I thought I would come out whole."

But things just got worse during her last week.  Instead of cleaning her wound, nursing home employees wrapped more bandages.  A doctor who later treated Stewart said he found hundreds of live maggots jumping out of her body when he unwrapped the bandages.

Attorneys for Renova argued in court that employees provided an "adequate level of care" and then blamed the maggots on post-hurricane conditions led to a larger fly population.



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