The Denver Channel of ABC News (CALL7) reported that Woodridge Park Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center is the focus of a criminal investigation by Commerce City Police after one of the patients died.  The injuries to Angela Guerra’s face were serious and staff at Woodridge blamed it on Guerra running into a wall.  Really?

A hospital social worker told the family, "The wounds on her face do not match up to the story [Woodridge Park] is saying, of her hitting a wall."  Guerra was in and out of the hospital and died a week or so later.

For six months, CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia has been investigating Woodridge and its director, Angela Aragon-Herrera for serious issues involving lack of supervision and care of patients. The health department has now cited the facility, once again, for not properly monitoring a vulnerable patient. The department is also removing future funding for new patients.


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