The Times News reported the two year sentence of Summer Brooke Lane, a former nurse at Holston Manor Nursing Home, for stealing painkillers from a patient at the Kingsport nursing home. Lane pleaded guilty to obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, theft $500 or less and abuse of an adult.  Lane deprived a patient of prescribed extended release pain medication for a 24-hour period beginning July 6, 2009. On documents related to the patient’s treatment, Lane indicated that she had administered the drugs as prescribed on July 6, 2009, and July 7, 2009.

Dr. Robert Lee, medical director at Holston Manor, advised investigators that "in his medical opinion she (the patient) would have been in pain" during the time she was deprived of her pain medication. Lee had prescribed the pain medication – to be administered twice a day – for the patient on July 13, 2005.

During an Oct. 13, 2009, interview, Lane told investigators that she began the job at Holston Manor in June 2009, after beating the drug screen with someone else’s urine. At first, Lane said she was supervised and "could not get anything."  Then on July 6, 2009, she was left in charge of a medicine cart. Though she said she did not recall taking any medicine that day, she said she took 10 to 15 tablets before working the "3-11" shift the next day. When she arrived at work, "I knew I had to have something," she said. A Roxicet prescription for one patient had been discontinued, Lane said, so she flushed the narcotics control sheet down the toilet and pocketed tablets from a blister pack.

On that same day, Lane said she recalled having also pocketed a morphine tablet after signing that she had given it to a patient. She was stopped by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office on the way home.

Two years and another job later – this time at Norton Community Hospital – Lane said she was using 20 to 30 Lortabs a day. After having surgery that year, Lane said she obtained prescriptions from two different doctors – one for Lortabs, the other for Percocets.

Near the end of 2008, Lane said she used someone else’s urine to beat a drug test and started working at the Brian Center in Weber City, Va. During that time, she said she had also become involved with a man "mainly because I knew what he could get as far as controlled substances."

At that point, Lane said she was "using Lortab and Percocet very heavily," and that she had to have them "just to get up to go to work." By May 2009, Lane said she was taking "muscle relaxers, Somas" and anything else "that I could get my hands on."

Where is her supervisor?  How could someone not notice? 

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