The Courier of Montgomery County reported the allegations of mistreatment against famous attorney Don Brown.  Known chiefly for his defense that led to the exoneration of Clarence Lee Brandley Sr., who was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death in a 1980 murder case.  For his work in setting Brandley free in 1989, Don Brown was the first recipient of the Montgomery County Defense Lawyers Association’s Atticus Finch Award in 2005.

Numerous health problems, including a brokn hip. Once he had surgery, he applied to several nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. He entered Willis Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Aug. 19 because the center offered long-term acute rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and it takes Medicare and Medicaid payments.

However, Brown’s daughter, Celia, is accusing Willis Nursing and Rehabilitation of overmedicating her father and not treating his infections and bed sores.   Her father had bed sores so severe and untreated that his tailbone was sticking out of the skin. She claims the nursing home had him on an anti-psychotic drug, and gave him so much Vicodin, a pain reliever, that he couldn’t eat, leading to kidney failure.

Don Brown was taken to Conroe Regional Medical Center Sept. 3, and died there three days later.

Celia Brown will continue to fight for her father, she said. She and friends organized protests outside the nursing home Sept. 18 and Saturday, and she plans to order a private autopsy.

“All I want is justice.”

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