The Lufkin Daily News out of Texas reported the arrest of nursing home employee Sherree Denise James for alleged abuse of an elderly resident. James worked for Grace Care Center Nursing Home as a certified nurse aid when the alleged incident happened on Aug. 21, according to an arrest affidavit. James had taken an 83-year-old woman into the shower room when two other certified nurse aids said they witnessed the resident crying and telling James to “quit hitting her,” the report stated.

The two witnesses said they heard James slap the victim five times, and when they went in to see what happened, the woman’s face was “extremely red and James was pulling her hair very hard causing pain,” the affidavit stated. James was also reportedly twisting the woman’s ear, and the victim had a knot on her head.

According to the report, James told the two co-workers, “the way you control this resident is to bend her thumb back to her wrist if she gets out of control.”

CNAs need to be trained on how to handle behavior problems with residents.


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  1. It’s things like this that make me so angry. They make all nurses look bad!

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