In honor of Memorial Day and all our veterans, I thought I would share Anne Hart’s column from the Sacramento Organizing Examiner which discussed assistance for veterans such as such as "a sizable cash benefits check each month– if you or a spouse of a veteran are frail and need in-home help. 

The article emphasizes that you don’t have to pay anyone or invest money to get your long-term care veterans benefits. Unfortunately there’s typically a waiting list to get into nursing homes for veterans.  Did you know that if you’re a veteran, help is available–?

Bob Scrivano is an independent senior care planning consultant quoted in the article. Also see the site, Veterans America: Improving Pension Benefits and Assets & Aging. The basic message is that you have to organize now what you want to have happen to your home or any other assets you have, and you have to act on any plan of what to do if you or any family member becomes in need of in-home or nursing home care.

What you need to know is what you’re entitled to, how not to lose your home when the state tries to take it away to pay for nursing home or medical bills, or what to watch out for as you act on your plan. 

"If you’re married to a veteran or are a veteran and are looking for veteran’s benefits for long-term care or in-home care for an older person who needs assisted living, such as someone coming into the home to care for the older person, watch out for scams and schemes. There’s too many people being mailed information about VA benefits for long-term care that requires you to invest in something or pay for something. You don’t have to buy anything."

Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs to download a Veterans Benefits fact sheet or call the VA at 1-800-827-1000 to obtain information about available services in your area. And check out the Veterans Health Administration to view available programs and services.


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