WCBSTV.com had an incredible story with a video showing a nursing home employee willfully neglecting a resident.  The video shows a nurse dumping an elderly woman in a wheelchair on the floor.   Nursing homes are supposed to be a safe place for the most vulnerable — the elderly too sick and frail to care for themselves. But CBS 2 HD got an exclusive look at what happens when a nurse, instead of taking care of a patient, causes incredible harm. This is all too typical of the type of care provided at most nursing homes.

Criminal charges against nurse Jessie Joiner are based on the video recorded by a camera placed to protect patients and staff, by the William Benenson Rehabilitation Pavilion in Queens, N.Y.   Joiner is seen on video pushing a medication cart but suddenly abandons the cart and heads to the patient in the wheelchair. Joiner appears to jerk the chair sharply to the left and the woman, who is 85 years old and suffers from dementia, goes flying to the ground, a fall that breaks her hip.   No other staff intervened or assisted the resident.   The woman is seen lying alone on the floor for more than two minutes before another employee arrives on the scene. It appears he will help her, but with the patient still writhing on the floor, for over a minute he does nothing.

Nurse Joiner is seen walking right by the patient, who is now flailing on the ground with a broken hip. She does this not once but twice and then leaves the area.

According to the attorney general’s complaint, Joiner admitted knocking the woman out of the wheelchair and not helping her. The complaint also alleges that she didn’t report the incident until another staff member noticed the patient and later lied about it to the nursing home staff.

Joiner’s attorney, Michaelangelo Matera, told a different story, saying that the patient herself caused her own fall.  Incredible.  Blame the victim.

Among the charges against Joiner are endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person and willful violation of health laws. She has pleaded not guilty.


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