Bristol Herald Courier had an article about the Virginia Medical Licensing Board’s conclusion that reports of sexually abused nursing-home patients were both ignored and discouraged by supervisors at the National Health Care-Bristol facility.  The accusations against two current NHC-Bristol staff members and a former nursing director detail a series of assaults already attributed in court documents to ex-nursing aide James Wright.

NHC-Bristol Administrator Charlotte Wilson is accused of failing to investigate reports of sexual assault on 12 patients from 2000 until 2008. She also is accused of neglecting to pass the reports on to the patients’ doctors, or to Adult Protective Services. Wilson also is accused of setting up a chain of command that led to a dead end for reports of abuse, while also circumventing state law.

“Until 2007, you enforced a policy that employees could report allegations of abuse only to their next superior, rather than to the administrator and any state or local official as required by law,” states the complaint against Wilson.


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