had an article about Lynwood C. Bauer, a nursing assistant charged with one count of reckless abuse of an adult in connection with the abuse of a patient at Britthaven Nursing Home in Pineville, according to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway’s office.

The criminal complaint alleges that Bauer recklessly inflicted physical pain and injury on a Britthaven resident while working as a certified nursing assistant at the facility.  The victim was a male resident paralyzed on the left side of his body from a stroke.  His treatment plan called for him to be moved with a mechanical lift by two staff people.

The nursing assistant, presumed to be Bauer, told investigators he moved the male resident from a chair to the bed without the lift or help from staff. The nursing assistant then left the resident sitting on the edge of the bed while he walked across the room. The assistant said he did not check the man’s treatment plan and did not know he was paralyzed.

When the resident fell from his bed, the nursing assistant told investigators, he put the man back to bed with no assistance from other staff. In addition to the man’s treatment plan, nursing home policy requires that after falls, residents be assessed by a RN for injuries before they are moved.

When other members of the nursing staff came into the room after the injury, they discovered that the resident had "raised" and "red painful areas" on the back of the head, and his left shoulder, rib cage, hip and knee, according to documents.

The resident was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a Tennessee hospital where he later died.


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