The St. Clair Record had a story about Jewel Lane.  Jewel Lane was living at Maryville Manor when they allowed him to fall and then later allowed him to leave the premises unattended.   Jewel Lane died on April 7 because of exposure to the elements, pulmonary arrest and hypothermia. 
His wife and daughter have filed suit against the nursing home which allowed the man to escape, leading to his death.

The surviving Lanes blame the nursing home for causing their father’s and husband’s death, saying employees there failed to properly supervise Jewel Lane to prevent him from leaving the nursing home, failed to provide adequate staff to prevent him from leaving the nursing home unattended, failed to protect him from neglect, failed to timely notify his physician of changes in his condition and failed to assure his environment was free of hazards.

In addition, staff at Maryville Manor negligently failed to provide adquate warnings to the proper personnel to quickly locate Jewel Lane; failed to properly secure exits, including windows, so that patients could not escape unnoticed; failed to provide Jewel Lane adequate care so he would not harm himself; and failed to house Jewel Lane in a room that would prevent him from exiting the premises, the complaint says., an ABC news website for Albuquerque, ran an article about Roland Werito who had been missing since he left the Paloma Blanca Nursing Home.  Police said the nursing home allowed Werito to leave the facility unattended towards the bike path in his wheelchair just blocks from the nursing home, but his wheel rolled off the path, down the hill and his chair got stuck. No one found him until it was too late.

When Werito didn’t show up by 9 p.m., staff members at Paloma Blanca got worried. They called police and Werito’s family. Police said someone saw Werito from a nearby Motel 6 and called 911.

Werito died of hypothermia.

DailyComet ran an article about another wandering incident. 


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