WLTX.com had a story about residents needing assistance after leaving a nursing home that was closed.   Clarendon Residential Care Center in Manning shut its doors recently.  Many people from that facility have moved to Sumter’s Northwoods, formerly known as Trinity Place. When they arrived, the director said their clothes were in such poor condition they had to be thrown out.

"At least it’s warm here," said new resident Robin Garrett.

Garrett is one of several residents thrilled about her recent move from the Manning facility. "It was terrible," said another new resident.  Several of those residents often did not have warm water, warm food, or much heat among other problems.

The faith based, non-profit houses low to moderate income seniors 55 years and older. They also serve those with physical and mental disabilities on a case by case basis. Barrineau says their newest residents are badly in need of new clothes.

"Many of them have no one to give them support so many of the residents who came here had very little and what they did have was in very poor condition and had to be discarded," said Barrineau.

The influx of people has also put a strain on their resources.

"We need toiletries. We are clearing our shelves very quickly of toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, razor blades, shampoo, that type of stuff."

"Many of the people we serve are the people our communities would like to forget. They have needs; they’re human beings as you and I. They’re moms and dads, uncles and aunts that are just not able to meet their needs."

If you want to help call Northwoods at 803.774.5700 or drop off donations at 1267 North Main Street in Sumter.



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