Lexington Herald-Leader had an article about Kentucky indicting nursing home employees for neglecting a resident and trying to cover it up.  A nurse and two nursing assistants have been indicted in connection with a case of neglect at Creekwood Place Nursing Home in Logan County.

One of the nursing assistants, Melissa L. Lyon, was trying to transfer a patient into bed on her own, even though the patient’s care plan called for two people to lift the person.   As a result, the patient suffered a fractured leg.   After the incident, Lyon and the other nursing assistant, Destiny W. Duncan, "concealed the true facts of the incident," the news release says.

The nurse, Barbara A. Moore of Beechmont, "did not call a physician or family member or check on the victim, all of which caused the victim prolonged suffering and pain," the release states.  Each of the women was indicted on a single count of knowing abuse or neglect of an adult, a Class C felony. 


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