On this Memorial Day, I was going to mention and celebrate all the veterans now living in nursing homes.  Here is a link to information about veteran services and nursing home care.  I hope and pray that these brave men and women receive the best care, treatment, and services America offers.  Unfortunately, there are stories every day about how veterans are treated poorly in nursing homes and don’t get the care necessary to live with dignity. 

The Denver Post had an article about the administrator of the State Veterans Nursing Home in Rifle, Colorado,  who was finally fired after an audit discovered he stole resident’s money.  He has been indicted for paying an employee $7,290 in state funds for veteran care to an employee who helped him restore a 1951 Cadillac. 

The indictment alleges that Robert Leslie Shaw asked Rifle nursing home maintenance worker Michael Walker to help him restore the car at Shaw’s residence.  The work on the car began in October 2007, and Walker spent numerous weekdays and weekends working on the car at Shaw’s home.   In addition, Shaw asked Walker to travel out of state to pick up parts for the car, and Shaw paid Walker for the transportation costs and expenses.  Shaw later paid Walker for 3,645 hours of on-call service, even though his job status did not entitle him to on-call pay. Nursing home employees who remain on-call — willing to come in to work in case of emergencies — are compensated $2 per hour for their time.

The Denver grand jury returned the indictment  charging Shaw with two counts of felony theft and one count of first-degree official misconduct, which is a misdemeanor.

I hope this guy rots under the jail.


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