Tulsa World had a story about a sick nursing home employee who abused and mistreated residents at a nursing home.   Jason Lynn Pearl who worked at the Silver Lake Care Center was charged with two felony counts of caretaker abuse and one misdemeanor charge of verbal abuse, all stemming from his employment as a certified nursing assistant.


The wife of a resident complained to police Feb. 28 that she found a scratch on her husband. According to a court affidavit, the elderly male victim repeatedly complained that Pearl stripped off his clothes and touched him inappropriately, spit in his face and threatened to hurt him.

The victim’s family members told authorities he had complained for weeks about being abused by a nursing aide.  The nursing home ignored the complaints because they assumed the complaints were a result of dementia.   Upon further investigation, police learned that situations involving three patients at the nursing facility were videotaped on Pearl’s cell phone and had been seen by several witnesses before they were erased.   Why didn’t these witnesses report him?  were the witnesses employees of the nursing home?  There is no mention of how long he worked there or if a criminal background check had been performed.

The videotapes showed Pearl yelling at one elderly patient and violently jerking the shirt of another, the affidavit stated.  The charges against Pearl are based on victim testimony, as well as the testimony of witnesses who saw the cell-phone videos.

The family of the man who had been scratched reportedly said he had difficulty sleeping, was hard to calm down and had been fearful for his wife’s safety at their home.

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