out of Ohio had a story about the use and effectiveness of Wii therapy for residents of nursing homes.  I have discussed Wii therapy other times on this blog and encourage all nursing homes to use this kind of therapy.  It is interactive, fun, and effective in assisting residents with social interaction, mobility, and exercise.  Doctors and therapists say the Nintendo Wii is a huge hit with senior citizens by helping with motor skills and mental acuteness.

The article talks about a tournament in Ironton, Ohio.  The Wii was like a form of medicine.  Bryant’s Health Center in Ironton was hoping for a little home team advantage Monday. It played host to three other local nursing homes for a Wii bowling tournament.

"When they’re having bad day or something, it helps them with the stress," says Norma Thomas, a senior activities director.

"We all just have fun doing it, that’s all it is, having a good time," nursing home resident Willie Nelson said.

Many of the residents enjoyed the competition and chance for exercise.

"It has been very therapeutic for our patients; range of motion, socialization has been great, we’ve loved this," Natalie Adams said. "The elderly, a lot of them used to bowl years ago, and it’s brought it back in their lives and it’s been great."

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