WKBW.com had an article about a nursing home employee caught in a drug bust.   This kind of incident seems to be happening more and more around the country’s nursing homes.

Melanie Curry is a Licensed Practical Nurse who worked at the Fiddler’s Green Manor nursing home.  The Wyoming county drug task force was monitoring Curry.  When Curry moved from Wyoming county to Springville the drug task force alerted the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. "As a result of information they had provided to us we had her under surveillance," says Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard.

Police say Curry was stealing hydrocodone pills from the nursing home residents.  The investigation came to a head when nursing home officials say an undercover officer made contact with Curry and made arrangements to meet for a drug buy right outside Fiddler’s Green Manor. "(Officers) actually witnessed the drug sale of about 11 pills in front of the nursing home," says Howard.

Curry is now facing a felony sale of narcotics charge as well as misdemeanors of petit larceny and drug possession.   Fiddler’s Green Manor says this is an isolated incident, and patient care is their first priority.

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