had an article about a Rock Hill, S.C. charged with stealing money from patients at the nursing home where she worked.   Melissa Kelly was the business manager at Magnolia Manor on Murrah Drive in Rock Hill. She has been charged with one count of forgery, and one count of elder exploitation.  Magnolia Manor is part of the chain of THI and Fundamental nursing homes.

Kelly was fired from her job last fall after an internal audit uncovered more than $65,000 of company checks that were forged and then cashed. "The more we dug, the more blatant it became," said detective David Hanoka who spent four months investigating the case.

Hanoka said dozens of nursing home patients lost money since April of 2006 without ever knowing it.  Many of the nursing home residents on Medicaid or Medicare have small trust accounts used for spending money. The money is often petty cash that’s used for small day to day items. Those are the accounts police say were stolen from.

"This money was never distributed to the individuals it should’ve been distributed to," Hanoka said.

Instead, police believe Kelly forged and cashed the checks. Police said it’s not clear how much of the missing $65,000 she is responsible for. Police focused their investigation on just 14 cases they say took place in 2008.

The state attorney general’s office will continue the investigation, and prosecute the case.

Joy Patterson, the administrator at Magnolia Manor, told the media that the company was not ready to release a statement yet, but would soon.

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